Samson RB-233 Tires

The Samson RB-233 is a highway terrain, all season tire manufactured for trailer vehicles. This model should not be mounted on light trucks. The optimal tread design and the rubber compound work together to prevent irregular and premature wear formations. This lengthens the tire’s service life and usability.

The model offers excellent year-round performance. In this manner, the tread pattern follows the road surface, while the unique compound keeps the rubber flexible in changing temperatures. As a result, these elements increase dry, wet, and winter-weather performance. On the other hand, wide grooves resist hydroplaning, by channeling water and slush away from the footprint.

The Samson RB-233 enhances controllability and durability. The ribbed tread design closely follows the road surface which improves steering responsiveness and driving stability. The steering response time becomes faster and more precise to the towing vehicle’s commands, while the structure is secured against driving pressure. Great cornering and maneuvering abilities are also offered with these outer ribs and their close road contact. At the same time, the reinforced internal structure keeps the ideal tire shape under load and driving pressure. They do not allow the tire to deform under pressure, which enhances its carrying capacity and handling power. This excellent heavy-duty performance. This makes this model perfect for trailer applications.

  • Tread lifeThe ribbed tread pattern and the wear-resistant compound lengthen the tire’s service life and usability.
  • ControllabilityThe ideal tread design maintains consistent road contact and boosts steering responsiveness.
  • All seasonThis tread and compound promotes excellent all season performance and hydroplaning resistance.

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    Samson RB-233 ST 205/90D15 109/105K E (10 Ply) Trailer Tire


    Samson RB-233

    205/90D15, 109/105K, E (10 Ply)
    • All SeasonAll Season
      • 14/32 Tread Depth 14/32 Tread Depth
    • Highway Type: Highway
    • Speed Rated Up to 68 mph Speed Rated Up to 68 mph
    • Load Range: E (10 Ply) Load Range: E (10 Ply)
    Per Tire
    Total for 4 = $455.96
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