Commercial tires are typically designed for commercial vans or larger commercial trucks. However, both types of vehicles are designed to haul different types of goods across states. Tires manufactured for large trucks can be categorized into all position, steer, drive, or trailer tires. Depending on the model type, the tires have different jobs and applications to ensure the maximum driving safety levels.

Such tires need to endure lengthy travel. As they usually run for hours on end, a typical compound and construction would allow excessive heat build-up and premature or irregular wear formations along the tread area.

To combat this, Commercial tires are made from strengthened rubber compounds with durable constructions and they feature a simple tread pattern to avoid premature and uneven wear from shortening the tire’s service life.

Commercial Tires must provide excellent heavy-duty performance. Both commercial vans and commercial trucks are designed to haul loads of merchandise and other goods from one point to the other. Their construction reflects this duty. They feature reinforced internal structures, which maintain the ideal tire shape under the load and driving pressure affecting the model. This allows the tire to securely perform with heavy loads without any deformation. The structure also optimizes the surface contact and improves the driver’s control over the vehicle. The better road contact boosts the steering responsiveness and the driving stability throughout the tire’s performance.

  • Types

    Commercial truck tires typically fall into 4 categories which offer different applications and performing styles, mixing them up is not recommended.

  • Tread Wear

    These tires are made with durable compounds and ideal tread patterns to combat irregular and premature wear, lengthening the overall tread life.

  • Durability

    The reinforced internal structure maintains the ideal tire shape under the load and driving pressure, greatly upgrading the load-carrying capacity.

Commercial Truck Tires
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Steer Position Tires

Steer axle tires are to be mounted on the steering axle and their primary function is to optimize the vehicle’s controllability during its performance.

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Drive Position Tires

Drive axle tires are designed for drive or torque axles. They are tasked with providing excellent traction and surface contact at all times.

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Trailer Position Tires

Trailer tires are for free rolling axles. Their optimal internal structure is able to withstand heavy loads while providing minimal heat buildup.

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Commercial Tire Positions

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