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Motorcycle tires are a trickier category. They come in a wide range of models, with different applications, but it is important to know where the motorcycle will be used to select the correct tires. Motorcycle tires can be categorized into touring, sport and off-road models, which all promote different performing experiences and driving safety levels.

Motorcycle tires can feature radial or bias ply constructions. These tires provide versatile uses and offer different performances. Bias ply tires offer a softer performance and higher durability, they are generally used for slower vehicles. On the other hand, radial construction tires typically prevent heat build-up, making them better high speed models.

The terrain where these tires will be used is crucial to know beforehand. Much like passenger vehicle tires, Motorcycle tires also have on- and off-road terrain models. Each specific tire type has its own performing ability and traction on various terrains. The difference between these types is apparent in their tread design, compound and internal structure. Before purchasing Motorcycle tires, it is important to check the tires’ intended application. These tires are designed and built for specific weather and terrain conditions and mixing up the application can lead to tire failure or a decreased service life.

  • Different Models

    Motorcycle tires are made in a wide range of versatile models, which are built for different applications in mind.
  • Terrain Traction

    Different models should be used for on- and off-road terrains, as their performing ability varies between the models.
  • Construction

    Motorcycle tires can feature either bias or radial structure which determine the tire’s application and performing manner.

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