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Apply to become an affiliate partner at and earn up to 6% in commissions on your sales.

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Use our promotional creatives (text links, product links, and banners) to engage your audience. Connect your website with to improve its performance.


Become an affiliate and earn up to 6% in commissions through every valid order. Receive better commissions because average order value on is over $380.


24/7 intuitive reporting will allow you to see what works and your earnings through commissions. Monitor, analyze, and adjust your progress on our Affiliate Program without hassle.



What is the Affiliate Program? Affiliate Program allows you to earn revenue by connecting your audience (website visitors, social media followers) to our website. Adding affiliate links to your website will allow your visitors to check out and buy tire products on our website. Any product sold with affiliate links from your website, will earn you a commission.

What does it cost to become an affiliate at

It's free. does not require a charge or minimum sales in order for someone to participate in the affiliate program.

How can I sign up to be an affiliate partner?

You can sign up to become a affiliate by clicking here. Once we receive the application, our team will analyze everything and inform you of our decision via email. If your application is approved, we will direct you to further steps that will help you get started.

Which types of websites can be part of the Affiliate Program?

From the technical side, most websites are eligible to become part of the Affiliate Program. However, we reserve the right to decline website membership, if we find the published content inappropriate.

Is it mandatory to have a website to become an affiliate?

No, a website is not mandatory if you want to be part of our affiliate program. We also collaborate with associates through social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter...) and some other platforms.

Is it possible for an affiliate to have more than one website as part of the program?

Yes, you can add multiple websites or social media profiles and pages to the Affiliate Program. You can also create and manage diverse websites and pages, which will provide you with individual progress tracking and earning reports. Nonetheless, commission checks will include the earnings of all your websites and pages added to our affiliate program.

How much can I earn if I sign up as an affiliate partner?

You can earn up to 6% in commissions on all valid sales (orders) generated through your websites, pages, or social media profiles within the first 30 days of the initial click through a valid affiliate link. Unfortunately, we cannot predict your earnings because we have no insight into your website analytics.

Can I track my earnings and progress?

You have access to intuitive reports and insights 24/7 so you can check your progress and earnings whenever you want.

How often do I get paid as an affiliate at

You will receive payment from at the end of each month, provided that your minimum earned commission for that month is over $50. More info about Rakuten Advertising payment threshold can be found in Publisher Help Center.

What happens if ordered products are returned?

If a purchase made through an affiliate link is canceled, returned, or refunded due to a credit card dispute or fraudulent activity, all commissions earned on that specific transaction will be voided.

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