Alliance By Yokohama 221 Tires

The Alliance 221 is an all season tire made for farm tractors. The tire features a nylon carcass, which keeps the ideal tire shape at all times. As the tire does not deform, the tire is able to increase the load-carrying and withstanding ability and power. This results in a better load capacity throughout the drive, ensuring a secure load handling ability.

The stronger compound and the stronger lug pattern boost the damage resistance. The durable compound elements help to prevent tread damage, by avoiding the tread’s chipping, cracking, and tearing. On the other hand, the tread design and the stronger structure protect the tire from external damage, such as punctures, cuts, and impact damage. This boosts the service life.

The Alliance 221 increases the versatile field terrain traction. The tread elements and the ideal tire shape improve the soft and loose field performance. The model boosts the forward motion during the performance, enhancing the traction on different terrain surfaces. The soft traction and the tire’s high flotation ability enable the tire to ease the pressure off the driving surface. In this manner, the tire prevents soil retention, which damages the soil quality with excessive traction placed on the driving surface. The tire prevents field retention and guarantees the soil’s ability to grow healthy crops.

  • DurabilityThe nylon structure keeps the ideal tire shape under the load and driving pressure, boosting the load capacity at all times.
  • Field friendlyThis high flotation and the soft terrain traction improves the soil retention prevention, ensuring a soil-friendly performance.
  • Damage resistanceThe stronger compound and the durable structure prevent tread and casing damage from harming the casing.

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