Suretrac Wide Climber H/T Tires

The Suretrac Wide Climber H/T is a highway terrain, all season tire created for light trucks and SUVs. The tire comes with a tread design and rubber compound that extend its service life. Its surface contact is optimized to guarantee even distribution of load and driving pressure. The evenly circulated forces of cornering, braking, and acceleration slow down tread wear and prevent irregular wear.

The versatile, all season compound promotes consistent traction and eases some driving pressure off the tread. As a result, the tire’s rolling resistance is greatly lowered. This means that it requires less towing from the vehicle to maintain its speed on the road. It reduces fuel consumption and CO2 emission, which makes it a great environmentally friendly option. The driver can enjoy a fuel efficient drive, which saves plenty of money in the long term.

The Suretrac Wide Climber H/T has the center rib design and robust shoulder blocks required to maximize road contact. The sidewall is reinforced to maintain the tire’s optimal shape and improve its stability. With the flat and detailed footprint, the tire boasts an excellent driving stability. This also enhances its steering responsiveness by a great degree throughout the drive. The driver can rely on fast and precise responses, while controlling the vehicle, enjoying better driving safety. The tread block placement stabilizes the footprint against the driving pressure affecting it. The siped shoulder blocks also support the vehicle, while cornering by maintaining a strong grip with the asphalt.

  • Extended Tread LifeThe tire’s surface contact is optimized with the detailed tread elements, while the tough compound slows down tread wear and prevents irregular wear.
  • Fuel Efficient DriveThe tread pattern and the special rubber blend ease some pressure off the footprint, keeping rolling resistance low and reducing fuel consumption.
  • Improved ControllabilityThe robust shoulder blocks and the reinforced sidewall enhance driving stability and make it easier for the driver to maneuver the vehicle.

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  • Suretrac Wide Climber H/T 265/70R16 112T AS A/S All Season Tire


    Suretrac Wide Climber H/T

    265/70R16, 112T, SL
    • All SeasonAll Season
      • 11/32 Tread Depth 11/32 Tread Depth
    • Highway Type: Highway
    • Speed Rated Up to 118 mph Speed Rated Up to 118 mph
    • Load Range: SL Load Range: SL
    Per Tire
    Total for 4 = $523.96
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