Trazano AT557 Tires

The Trazano AT557 is a highway terrain, all season tire made for commercial vehicles. This model is made to be mounted on all axle positions. The stronger internal structure and the rubber compound protect the tire against deformations. As it does not deform under load and driving pressure, it can carry and withstand heavy loads. This heavy-duty ability makes this model perfect for commercial vehicles.

The ribbed tread design and the rubber compound prevent irregular and premature wear along the tread. The tread design evenly distributes driving pressure and avoids irregular wear, while the compound reduces the treadwear rate with wear-resistant elements. This significantly improves the tire’s service life and usability, guaranteeing the tire better longevity.

The Trazano AT557 upgrades durability and controllability. The ribbed tread design, with the optimized elements, enables the tire to maintain consistent road contact. This significantly improves steering responsiveness and driving stability. The steering response is quicker and more precise to the driver’s commands, while the structure is secured against driving pressure. The special tread elements grip the road with extra biting edges, boosting cornering and maneuvering ability. As the tire keeps consistent road contact, it enables the driver to have confident control over the vehicle.

  • DurabilityThe reinforced internal structure and the optimal rubber compound maintain the ideal tire shape under load and driving pressure.
  • Tread lifeThe tread design and the stronger rubber compound offers a longer-lasting tread life, thanks to the slower and even wear formations.
  • ControllabilityConsistent road contact enhances steering responsiveness and driving stability, by optimizing the tire’s handling and maneuvering.

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    Trazano AT557 385/65R22.5 160K L (20 Ply) AS A/S All Season Tire


    Trazano AT557

    385/65R22.5, 160K, L (20 Ply)
    • All SeasonAll Season
      • 23/32 Tread Depth 23/32 Tread Depth
    • Highway Type: Highway
    • Speed Rated Up to 68 mph Speed Rated Up to 68 mph
    • Load Range: L (20 Ply) Load Range: L (20 Ply)
    Per Tire
    Total for 4 = $2083.96
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