Petlas TD-25 Tires

The Petlas TD-25 is an all season tire manufactured for tractors. The tire promotes better load durability. It utilizes its stronger nylon carcass and the solid tread center work together to increase its load-carrying ability. As the tire does not deform under pressure, boosting its heavy-duty performance.

The tire provides a lengthened tread life. The reinforced and flexible carcass structure enables the tire to effectively increase its pressure circulation. These elements resist irregular and premature wear, thanks to their better stability. Slow and even wear significantly upgrades the tire’s service life, upgrading its overall driving safety.

The Petlas TD-25 utilizes its tread design and durable construction to increase its field terrain. These tread elements effectively increase its soft and loose terrain grip. As a result, this stable footprint is able to effectively increase its field-terrain traction. Additionally, this special soft traction and a reinforced structural stability minimize the possibility of the footprint sinking into the field. Traction allows the tire to improve soil retention prevention. This allows the tire to ease the pressure off the driving surface, resisting field retention as the ground is not disturbed.

  • Field-friendlyThe ideal tread design improves soft and loose terrain traction, which also protects the soil quality from field retention.
  • Longer tread lifeThe stable footprint is ensured with the stronger construction and ribbed tread design, increasing its service and tread life.
  • DurabilityThe strengthened nylon carcass and the ideal footprint increase its load durability, as the tire does not deform under load durability.

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