Taskmaster Contender TTT868 Tires

The Taskmaster Contender TTT868 is a highway terrain, all season tire made for trailers. It is specially made for trailers and not meant to be mounted on light trucks. This model comes with a strengthened internal structure that boosts its load carrying capacity. It prevents deformations throughout the drive, while also being able to withstand heavy load and driving pressure.

The premium all season compound and the detailed tread improve the tire’s performance all year. It utilizes the high number of biting edges available on the tread to guarantee a strong grip on dry, wet, and snow-covered roads. This way, the driver can count on a consistent performance while maneuvering the trailer. The zigzag circumferential and lateral grooves prevent aquaplaning by channeling water, slush, and snow away from the footprint.

The Taskmaster Contender TTT868 promotes tread elements that form a large contact patch. Its flat footprint stabilizes the tire against the surface. By improving its driving stability, it enhances its steering responsiveness as well. This enables the driver to navigate the trailer through the towing vehicle in a prompt and precise manner. The tire also has the structural stability to endure the driving pressure in the long term, even when carrying heavy loads. As a result, the towing vehicle has full control over the trailer, which largely contributes to a safe driving experience.

  • All Season TireThe tire promotes a versatile all season compound that, with the detailed footprint, enhances its dry, wet, and winter weather traction.
  • Improved HandlingThe tread utilizes a large contact patch that improves the tire’s driving stability and steering responsiveness to ensure a safe drive.
  • Upgraded DurabilityThe strengthened internal construction boosts the model’s load carrying capacity and durability, while maintaining its optimal shape.

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