Sotera STD-1 Tires

The Sotera STD-1 is a highway terrain, all season tire designed for commercial vehicles. It is built for the vehicle’s drive axle positions. The groove channels and the central blocks help minimize the tread damage, by removing rocks and snow from the footprint. The solid shoulder ribs contribute to even wear, elongating the tire’s life.

The model’s robust design guarantees the tire’s best shape. A radial construction works with the tread pattern to optimize pressure distribution along the tire’s circumference, lessening the possibility of its build-up on sensitive tread areas. This also upgrades structural stability. As a result, the tire easily handles greater loads and cargo, without deformation. These features also help reduce the chance of tire blowouts while driving.

The Sotera STD-1 uses the all season compound to make sure the rubber stays flexible all year round, for better performance. The model combats hydroplaning with its wide grooves. They drain water and slush from under the tire, to secure road contact. Each central block sports a single sipe, offering extra biting edges for a stronger winter grip. The outer side of the shoulder ribs gives more biting power, increasing safety levels on light snow. Both blocks and ribs put more rubber on the road, enhancing dry road traction.

  • Extended tread lifeThe tread design increases resistance to tread damage and irregular wear to prolong the model’s service life.
  • DurabilityThe radial construction and the internal reinforcements make the tire stronger, in order to withstand heavy loads.
  • All seasonThe unique design of the shoulder ribs and the central blocks delivers exceptional grip on snowy, wet, and dry roads.

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