Forerunner SKS-6 Tires

The Forerunner SKS-6 is an all season tire designed for industrial vehicles. The model is designed to grant greater protection during the drive. The tire blocks are big and sturdy, offering resilience to punctures. The powerful compound materials help too. As a result, the model has better damage resistance.

The model greatly benefits from its strong construction. It enhances the model’s strength and allows it to keep its perfect shape throughout the performance. This works with the stable directional tread pattern to ensure even and avert irregular wear. The blocks are designed with additional rubber that contributes to the bigger starting tread depth. These elements make sure the tire has prolonged usability and lengthy service life.

Superb load durability is guaranteed with the Forerunner SKS-6. The tire features strong internal reinforcements that boost its load durability. In other words, the model is strengthened from within to avert deformation under driving and load pressure. This effectively optimizes load-carrying capacity. Such performance is possible as the model is sturdy enough to evenly distribute pressure across its circumference and stop its accumulation. In this manner, the model can safely withstand heavy loads without compromising safety and performance.

  • Damage resistanceThe tread compound and the ideal tread pattern promote better damage resistance, protecting the model from punctures.
  • Load durabilitySturdy design and bias-ply structure prevent deformation during the handling of heavy loads to grant stable and safe performance.
  • Extended service lifeThe tread design minimizes the chance of tread damage and offers a deeper starting tread to ensure a prolonged service life.

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    Forerunner SKS-6 12-16.5 14 Ply AS A/S All Season Tire


    Forerunner SKS-6

    12-16.5, N/A, 14 Ply
    • All SeasonAll Season
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    • Load Range: 14 Ply Load Range: 14 Ply
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