Saferich FRC86 Tires

The Saferich FRC86 is an all terrain, all season tire manufactured for passenger vehicles, SUVs, and light trucks. This model has fantastic all weather traction. The optimized tread design and the special all season compound ensure constant dry, wet and winter weather road grip.

The wide grooves and open shoulder pattern eliminate water, slush and snow from the footprint while performing on-road. This ensures a safe performance and stable road contact. The compound ensures the rubber maintains its flexibility throughout the year, even in colder temperatures, further ensuring the tread has constant road contact.

The tread design of the FRC86 is specialized for off-road performance. The sidewall pattern, the wide grooves, the open shoulder design and the staggered tread blocks provide grip on soft, loose and uneven surfaces. This increases the tire’s versatility, as it can perform securely off-road while also maintaining its on-road capabilities. The tread is self cleaning. The scattered tread elements and the stone ejecting ribs eliminate mud, slush and rocks from the footprint, securing the tire’s gripping ability and preventing damage from stone retention. The tread features an optimized tread block placement in its center, which improves the steering responsiveness and stability.

  • All Season TireThe tire compound and optimized tread pattern ensure all weather traction on various terrains.
  • All Terrain TireThe wide grooves, open shoulders and staggered tread blocks ensure grip on all terrain surfaces.
  • HandlingThe optimized center tread area maintains grip ensuring the steering responsiveness and stability.

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