Runway Enduro M/T Tires

The Runway Enduro M/T is an all season mud terrain light truck tire. The special aggressive tread pattern allows this model to provide fantastic all weather traction, including in light winter conditions and colder temperatures. This tire is intended for off-road use only.

The self-cleaning tread ensures the tire can maintain its road grip on all surfaces and maintain constant traction. The high void ratio of the tread cleans out snow and mud from between the grooves and ejects stones that could otherwise get stuck and harm the casing. As the tread remains clean, the tire is able to maintain its grip, since nothing blocks the surface contact.

The Enduro M/T is a mud tire suitable for all types of terrains and surfaces, including uneven, soft and loose terrains like sand or dirt roads. Since it’s an off-road tire, the casing was constructed with a higher resistance to damage. Its construction provides resistance to cracking, chipping and tearing, ensuring a longer usable life. The reinforced casing combined with the solid shoulder pattern enhances the cornering ability and steering responsiveness. The large shoulder tread blocks provide additional grip to improve maneuvering. The model’s high tension bead enables the tire to carry and withstand higher loads, making it an excellent choice for light trucks.

  • Mud TerrainThe tire offers exceptional traction on a variety of surfaces, including soft sand and loose dirt.
  • Self-Cleaning TreadThe high void ratio cleans out mud, snow and rocks stuck between the tread elements.
  • Heavy LoadsThe high tension bead makes the tire capable of handling, withstanding and carrying heavy loads.

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