Red Dirt Road RD-5 A/T Tires

The Red Dirt Road RD-5 A/T is an all terrain, all season tire made for light trucks. With its strengthened internal structure, it can carry and withstand larger loads without suffering any deformation. This tire promotes high load durability that prevents it from losing its optimal shape. This way, it can take some hard hits, while conquering some of the more difficult off-road terrains out there.

This model utilizes a wide and flat footprint that evenly distributes load and driving pressure. With the staggered block pattern, the tire boasts an excellent driving stability. This also results in a huge boost of controllability, as the tire reacts promptly and with great precision to the driver’s commands. It utilizes a large contact patch that ensures driving safety by enhancing maneuverability. The tire’s structure is secured against the driving pressure affecting it with a strong grip.

The Red Dirt Road RD-5 A/T keeps the traction consistent in a range of different road and weather conditions. It features a versatile compound that remains flexible despite the wide temperature changes throughout the year. This model is specially designed for all terrain use. It provides high performance on the road and on off-road conditions as well. The tire can conquer soft, loose, and uneven terrains without any difficulty. It also excels in dry, wet, and winter conditions due to its complex tread design. Its optimized void ratio allows it to eliminate the excess dirt, mud, snow, slush, and rocks from the footprint.

  • All Terrain TractionThe tire boasts an aggressive footprint that maintains a strong grip in loose, uneven, and soft terrain conditions, just as well as on-road.
  • Improved ControllabilityThe large contact patch with the wide footprint stabilizes the tire on a wide range of road types for better steering responsiveness and stability.
  • Enhanced DurabilityThe reinforced internal construction improves the tire’s load carrying and withstanding ability, enabling it to take hard hits on off-road terrains.

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    Red Dirt Road RD-5 A/T LT 33X12.50R22 109Q E (10 Ply) AT All Terrain Tire

    Red Dirt Road

    Red Dirt Road RD-5 A/T

    33X12.50R22, 109Q, E (10 Ply)
    • All SeasonAll Season
      • N/A Tread Depth N/A Tread Depth
    • All Terrain Type: All Terrain
    • Speed Rated Up to 99 mph Speed Rated Up to 99 mph
    • Load Range: E (10 Ply) Load Range: E (10 Ply)
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