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The Nokian zLineis a high performance, summer tire made for passenger vehicles. The silica compound and the ideal tread design enhance the dry and wet traction throughout the tire’s performance. This enables the tire to improve the summer weather performance as the compound prevents heat build-up, while the tread elements increase the grip on the road surface. The groove pattern avoids hydroplaning.

The tread pattern was designed to ensure high driving comfort levels. The special Silent Groove pattern manages to control the airwaves throughout the tire’s performance. These grooves channel the airwaves through the footprint, without allowing their contact with the tread elements. As a result, the tire prevents the formation of road and tread pattern noise guaranteeing a quiet and comfortable driving experience at all times.

The Nokian zLineimproves the high speed controllability with the tread design and the durable compound. The asymmetric tread’s close and constant surface contact boosts the steering responsiveness and the driving stability. The steering becomes faster and more precise in its response to the driver’s commands, while the structure is stabilized against the driving pressure affecting the model while the tires are in motion. The silica compound actively prevents heat build-up along the tread area. This greatly improves the model’s high speed performance as it eases the driving pressure off the tread area, enabling it to perform at its utmost high speed capability.

  • ControllabilityThe optimal tread design’s close and constant surface contact upgrades the high speed driving stability and steering responsiveness.
  • Comfortable driveThe Silent Groove pattern boosts the tire’s comfort levels by preventing the formation of road noise while the tires are in motion.
  • SeasonThe summer compound and asymmetric tread design increase the dry and wet weather road gripping ability, offering a safer drive.

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