Ironman I-190 Tires

The Ironman I-190 is a highway terrain, all season tire manufactured for commercial trucks. This model is specially made for commercial trailers. Due to its tread pattern and adaptive rubber blend, it offers outstanding traction in wet, dry, and winter weather conditions. The compound maintains its flexibility despite fluctuating temperatures, ensuring a consistent grip all year.

The model comes with a sturdy compound that resists tread wear. It also utilizes the optimal void ratio to prevent stone retention. It does not let rocks get stuck in-between the tread elements. This way, they can’t cause damage by drilling into the casing. The load and driving pressure are evenly distributed across the tread, slowing down tread wear and keeping it even. As a result, irregular wear formations are also prevented and the tire’s service life is significantly extended.

The Ironman I-190 was designed to guarantee seamless maneuverability. The flat footprint stabilizes the tire against the terrain surface, while the aggressive tread blocks provide a strong grip. The shoulder ribs are a bit extended so that the tire can disperse the forces of cornering for increased driving safety. The tread design improves the vehicle’s driving stability and steering responsiveness as well. It responds to the driver’s commands promptly and with great precision, while its structure is secured against the driving pressure. The large contact patch combined with the strong compound increases the tire’s load carrying ability and ensures stability in the long run.

  • Extended Tread LifeThe tough rubber blend and the carefully designed footprint slow down tread wear, prevent irregular wear, and extend service life.
  • Enhanced ManeuverabilityThe large and flat contact patch increases the tire’s driving stability and steering responsiveness for better contact on the track.
  • All Season TractionThe zigzag grooves and angled sipes on the tread populate the tread with biting edges, and enhance its traction throughout the year.

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    Ironman I-190 8.25R15 129/127L G (14 Ply) AS A/S All Season Tire


    Ironman I-190

    8.25R15, 129/127L, G (14 Ply)
    • All SeasonAll Season
      • 16/32 Tread Depth 16/32 Tread Depth
    • Highway Type: Highway
    • Speed Rated Up to 75 mph Speed Rated Up to 75 mph
    • Load Range: G (14 Ply) Load Range: G (14 Ply)
    Per Tire
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