Gremax Capturar CH1 Tires

The Gremax Capturar CH1 is a touring, all season tire made for passenger vehicles. The tire features a specific pitch pattern made from different tread elements like grooves, lugs, sipes, and tread blocks. During the drive, the pattern creates a sound frequency that combines with the road noise and minimizes it, delivering a comfortable ride.

The model is internally reinforced. The spiral nylon plies reinforce the tire and make it durable, preserving its optimal shape. Because of this, the model can distribute the pressure equally along the tread, enabling good traction and maintaining optimal road contact. Strengthening the tire not only improves its stability but also reduces the chance of its deformation. It also lowers the risks of tire blowouts and tears.

The Gremax Capturar CH1 promotes exceptional traction across the seasons with its tread design and rubber compound. Its sipes give the model additional biting edges in winter weather to grip the road and secure traction. The three circumferential grooves and the lateral lugs guarantee excellent road contact, as they eliminate water and slush from the footprint. This reduces the risk of hydroplaning. The heat-resistant compound assures traction on dry roads. As a result, the tire enables the driver to have maximum control in various weather conditions to ensure safe and reliable performance all year round.

  • Comfortable rideThis model delivers an enjoyable ride with its tread pattern designed specifically to lower noise levels.
  • DurabilityThe tire is strengthened from within to provide improved stability and endurance, reducing the risks of blowouts and tears.
  • All seasonThe compound and the tread elements work together to maintain constant road contact in dry, wet, and snowy conditions.

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