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The Excel Golfpro Low Profile is an all season tire designed for golf carts. The all season compound keeps it flexible in various temperatures across the year. The symmetric tread pattern offers superior grip on dry, snowy, and wet roads. The circumferential grooves improve protection against hydroplaning.

The tire is designed to provide a quiet experience during the on-road drive. The straight grooves lower wind noise, while the dense composition of the tread blocks creates a smaller amount of road noise during performance. These elements also form a unique pitch pattern. While the tires are in motion, this pattern emits a sound frequency that mixes with and mitigates road noise, delivering a comfortable drive.

The Excel Golfpro Low Profile guarantees exceptional soft traction on turf terrains. The tight arrangement of the blocks offers optimal surface contact. The blocks and their biting edges offer a strong grip on grass terrains. However, the tread design is not aggressive enough to dig into the ground and loosen it. The consistent traction and pressure circulation along the tread allow the model to float on the surface, easing the pressure it puts on the turf. Since the tire operates on low psi levels, the model has a high flotation ability. Together these elements ensure a turf-friendly drive.

  • All seasonThe specific tread pattern and the compound blend ensure optimal on-road performance, even in dry, wet, and snowy conditions.
  • Comfortable driveThe tread elements are organized in such a way that they emit a specific frequency that combines with the road noise and cancels it.
  • Turf-friendly tractionThe specific tread design and even pressure distribution guarantee soft traction to prevent damaging the grass fields.
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