Gladiator R-4 Tires

The Gladiator R-4 is an all season tire made for agricultural tractors. The model’s load capacity is enhanced by its reinforced structure and tough compound. It resists flexing and maintains its optimal shape throughout the agricultural operation. This not only results in enhanced load handling ability, but also guarantees that the tread elements will stay in good shape in the long run.

This model’s tread depth and void ratio are optimized for better road contact. This way, the tire is always stable and easily controllable on the road. The tractor responds to the driver’s commands quickly and accurately, while the tire’s structure is secured against driving pressure affecting it. With an upgraded maneuverability, the control is always in the driver’s hands. The tread design enhances the overall driving safety, promoting secure performing ability.

The Gladiator R-4 is a great choice for off-road traction. Its tread is specially designed for mixed terrain conditions. It utilizes a high void ratio and angled lugs that improve its grip on soft and loose terrains. This tire maintains its forward motion at all times even on some of the more difficult terrains. Due to the high void ratio and the lug placement, it demonstrates an outstanding self-cleaning capability. This model eliminates snow, dirt, mud, and rocks from the footprint with great efficiency. As a result, stones can’t get stuck in-between the tread elements, where they would drill into the casing and cause damage. Since the footprint is constantly kept clean, the tire’s driving surface stays in contact with the road.

  • All Season TractionThe directional tread design with the angled lugs enhance the tire’s off-road traction, while the high void ratio eliminates rocks, mud, dirt and snow.
  • Improved ManeuverabilityThe lug arrangement and the tread depth optimize the tire’s road contact for better controllability and driving stability throughout the performance.
  • Enhanced DurabilityThe tire boasts a huge load capacity, due to its strengthened construction and tough compound, demonstrating an excellent load handling capability.

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    Gladiator R-4 10.5/80-18 10 Ply AS A/S All Season Tire


    Gladiator R-4

    10.5/80-18, N/A, 10 Ply
    • All SeasonAll Season
      • 9/32 Tread Depth 9/32 Tread Depth
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    • Load Range: 10 Ply Load Range: 10 Ply
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