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The Dayton D630D is a highway terrain, all season tire made for commercial vehicles. This model is specially designed for the vehicle’s drive axle. With its sturdy compound and reinforced construction, the tire’s shape won’t deform under large load or driving pressure. By maintaining its optimal shape, it also keeps its stability and controllability at bay throughout the performance.

The asymmetric tread design features rectangle-shaped blocks that cover a large area due to the low void ratio especially in the tread center. This enables the tire to maintain consistent road contact. The shoulder blocks are even siped, resulting in an outstanding grip when driven on a highway. The tire gains a lot of stability from these characteristics, which boosts its maneuverability. The driver can rely on fast and precise steering responses and a safe driving experience overall.

The Dayton D630D utilizes the strong compound and its tough structure to prevent flexing and cracking. It stabilizes the whole casing and the footprint, which then can uniformly distribute the load and driving pressure. The result is a slow and even tread wear rate as the tire dominates the highway. Even when carrying heavy loads, the footprint will be completely flat and even more stable than before. The evenly distributed pressure also prevents irregular wear formations and premature wear. The tread is wide enough to disperse the heat generated during the highway drive, which is also the question of proper pressure handling.

  • Enhanced DurabilityThis model can carry and withstand huge loads without suffering any deformation in the process, testifying outstanding load carrying capacity.
  • Upgraded HandlingThe tire utilizes densely arranged tread blocks that form a flat footprint, boosting its stability and resulting in better steering responsiveness.
  • Long Service LifeThe tread elements are stabilized against the highway surface with equally distributed pressure, countering irregular and premature tread wear.

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