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The CST Lobo is an all season, all terrain tire made for ATVs and UTVs. This model is made of a durable compound and boasts an 8-ply construction. The carcass supports the structure when pressure is applied, enhancing its load carrying ability. Meanwhile, the tire won’t lose its optimal shape. Instead, its driving stability is improved.

The tire promotes outstanding damage resistance capabilities due to its durable rubber compound and 8-ply construction. It also offers self-cleaning, as its void ratio is optimized for eliminating rocks with high efficiency. The strengthened structure is tough against cuts, punctures, and chipping which extends the tire’s service life. Another advantage of the model’s high durability is that it absorbs most of the shock generated throughout the performance.

The CST Lobo has a tread pattern specially designed for off-road use. Its tread pattern consists of staggered, irregular-shaped blocks with a high void ratio between them. This enhances its gripping ability in soft, loose, and uneven terrain conditions. This model won’t get stuck on deep mud or loose dirt terrains, as its shoulder lugs provide it with biting edges. The tire is also drivable and easily controllable in ruts, offering great sideway gripping. Due to its self-cleaning ability, the tread footprint is not going to get blocked by mud, snow, or rocks. Instead, it keeps the traction consistent.

  • All Terrain TireOff-road performance is guaranteed with the irregular-shaped, staggered blocks that gear the tire up for loose, soft, and uneven terrain traction.
  • Upgraded DurabilityThe tire promotes a reinforced 8-ply construction that resists deformation under heavy load and driving pressure, enhancing its load carrying ability.
  • Damage ResistanceThe strengthened compound protects the model from external damage, utilizing the high void ratio to eliminate snow, mud, and rocks from the footprint.

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