Continental TerrainContact A/T Tires

The Continental TerrainContact A/T is an all terrain, all season tire manufactured for SUVs, crossover vehicles and light trucks. The +Silane tire compound and the tread design’s full depth siping detail improve the all weather traction. The wide traction grooves manage to channel water and slush from the footprint to actively prevent hydroplaning situations, making the year round drive safer.

The tire offers great all terrain performance. It is capable of conquering all gravel and dirt roads and can be driven on grass with ease as well. The tread design and the TractionPlus technology boost the road gripping ability on off road conditions. The tire’s internal structure enhances the off-road performance as optimizes the tire’s shape against the driving pressure affecting it and ensures a safer performance on all terrain conditions.

The Continental TerrainContact A/T was made with the EcoPlus technology which decreases its rolling resistance. The lessened rolling resistance in turn reduces the vehicle’s fuel consumption and CO2 emissions, promoting fuel efficiency and the model’s environmentally friendly nature. The lowered rolling resistance also manages to slow down the tread wear rate. This, along with the special tire compound, lengthen the tire’s usability with the longer lasting even tread wear. The tread area is stabilized to prevent irregular wear formations, offering an extended tread life.

  • All terrainThe tread design enhances the all terrain performance and ensures a safer off-road gripping ability.
  • Fuel efficiencyThe lowered rolling resistance decreases the vehicle’s fuel consumption and CO2 emission.
  • Longer tread lifeThe prevention of irregular wear and the slower tread wear rate lengthen the tread life and usability.

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