Pirelli Carrier All Season Tires

The Pirelli Carrier All Season is a highway, all season tire made for commercial vans. It is winter weather certified with the 3PMS symbol. The silica compound makes the tire heat-resistant to protect it from premature wear caused by heat and pressure. The new tread design and the model’s strength enable even tread wear, which extends the tire’s service life.

The model promotes a fuel-efficient drive. The tire’s inner reinforcement stops it from flexing under heavy loads. This distributes pressure evenly across the circumference, keeping the tire’s ideal shape. Two continuous ribs also help with pressure circulation and tread flexing prevention. They minimize pressure accumulation along the tread. The tire’s durability and tread design work with the silica compound to reduce rolling resistance and deliver fuel-conscious performance.

The Pirelli Carrier All Season is designed to have exceptional traction across the seasons. It uses 3D sipe technology to improve handling and minimize braking distance. The numerous sipes increase winter grip with their biting edges, improving traction and safety on snow and ice. Three circumferential grooves and lateral lugs drain water and slush from underneath the tread. This improves grip on wet and snowy roads and avoids hydroplaning. The silica compound helps with securing road contact on wet and dry roads. The tire’s new tread pattern and the ideal footprint angle enhance traction to ensure safe and secure year-round performance.

  • Longer tread lifeThe silica compound and the model’s durability prevent accelerated tread wear, increasing the tire’s tread life.
  • Reduced fuel intakeThe model is designed to have low rolling resistance to reduce the vehicle’s fuel consumption across the seasons.
  • All seasonThe new tread pattern, the 3D sipe technology, and the new compound work as one to secure traction on wet, dry and icy roads.

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