CST Sludge Hammer Tires

The CST Sludge Hammer is an all season, mud terrain tire created for ATVs and UTVs. This model promotes outstanding self-cleaning ability with its high void ratio and carefully designed tread. It utilizes the open shoulder to eliminate mud, snow, and rocks from the footprint. This keeps the surface contact consistent, as these elements can’t really disrupt it.

The tread depth plays a huge role in stabilizing the vehicle as it ventures through extreme mud terrains. The high void ratio allows the tread to establish surface contact and keep it consistent throughout the performance. As the tread base closely follows the road surface, the bars can get deeper into the mud, ensuring better maneuverability. This way, the driver can command the vehicle with faster and more accurate steering responses.

The CST Sludge Hammer is exclusively designed for mud terrain use. It boasts super tall tread bars that can claw the vehicle out of some of the deepest mud holes. The segmented bars provide the tire with an abundance of biting edges that can grip the road surface. This model can seamlessly go over soft, loose, and uneven terrains while maintaining excellent traction. With its huge tread blocks, it is not hard to maintain constant forward motion in the harshest mud conditions. The aggressive directional tread is specially designed to plow through extreme terrain surfaces.

  • Mud Terrain TractionThe tire features extra tall bars that firmly grip into soft, loose, and uneven terrains, guaranteeing consistent forward motion and traction.
  • Improved Handling AbilityThe tread pattern utilizes a super deep tread and blocks that easily penetrate into the mud, ensuring close surface contact and maneuverability.
  • Self-Cleaning TechnologyThe model promotes a high void ratio with tread bars that clearly show the way for mud, snow, and rocks to leave through the open shoulder.

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