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The Cambridge All Terrain is an all terrain, all season tire made for SUVs and light trucks. It promotes year-round traction with its adaptive all season rubber compound. Between the wide shoulder ribs, the aggressive tread pattern is covered with irregular shaped tread blocks. These help with traction on dry, wet and snow-covered terrains.

The tread grooves are rather thin between the staggered blocks, allowing the whole tread footprint to cover a large area. This way, the tire has more surface contact area to work with, which also means more controllability for the driver. With the robust shoulder ribs that feature laterally siped blocks, driving stability and sensitive cornering are guaranteed. The driver can expect quicker and more accurate responses from this model.

The detailed tread pattern is complemented with the Cambridge All Terrain’s all season compound. The model’s rubber mix ensures a safe overall performance, offering flexibility when it comes to off- or even on-road use. The tread area is full of biting edges, as there is an abundance of center and shoulder blocks with a couple of lateral sipes on each of them. With its tread depth and staggered irregular blocks, it prevents side-slipping and maintains reliable traction. In addition to the grooves, the tire has an open shoulder design that promotes lateral ones. These help with water, snow and mud dispersion.

  • All Terrain TractionThe aggressive tread pattern with its large contact surface area promotes irregular shaped blocks that ensure traction on various terrain types.
  • Enhanced ControllabilityThe tire relies on a wide tread footprint that provides the stability needed for sensitive steering and precise cornering while driving.
  • All Season TractionThe flexible compound ensures a safe overall performance for on- and off-road use thanks to the countless biting edges that cover the tire.

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