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The Boto BT168N is a highway terrain, all season tire made for commercial vehicles. This model can be installed on all axle positions available on the vehicle. It comes with a bigger surface contact area thanks to the wide shoulder ribs. The tire’s flat footprint is stable, enabling precise cornering and fast responses to the driver’s commands.

This model comes with three zigzag grooves that provide the tire’s self-cleaning ability. They are to protect the tread from rocks, avoiding stone retention. Both the tread and the casing are guarded from damage by the strong rubber compound. It is strong and flexible enough to resist cracking, tearing and chipping. The tire’s vulnerability to impact damage, punctures and cuts is also greatly reduced.

The Boto BT168N’s strong rubber compound is also flexible in terms of adapting to various temperatures and weather conditions. The tire’s all season capability is further enhanced by the aggressive tread design. The zigzag grooves and the indents on the shoulder edges provide the tire with an abundance of biting edges. These ensure reliable all season traction in dry, wet and winter weather conditions. The grooves help the tire conquer wet and slushy roads by channeling them away from the tread footprint. This way, consistent traction and driving safety are guaranteed. With proper aquaplaning resistance, sideslips are much less likely to happen.

  • Improved ControllabilityWith its wide footprint and aggressive tread design, this model is designed for precise cornering and fast steering responses.
  • Damage ResistanceThe strong tread and compound do not let rocks get stuck in-between the grooves and also prevent tearing, chipping, punctures and cuts.
  • All Season TractionThe tire is ready to perform all year with its all season compound and the aggressive tread that is full of biting edges ready to establish grip.

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