Blemished Tires


Blemished tires are sold based on their model. The brand of the tires is not guaranteed. However, this is due to them not being part of the manufacturer’s first-grade tire batches. These tires have not passed the quality check of the manufacturer and they were marked as blemished or blem tires.

Tires can be considered blemished for cosmetic or structural reasons. Cosmetic imperfections do not ruin the tire’s performing capability and driving safety. These issues are aesthetic in nature. This can be a small cosmetic mark on the tire’s sidewall, smudged white lettering, etc. These imperfections might not be visible for people not part of the industry, yet they will earn the tire the blemished label. We do not sell tires with structural issues.

Tires belong to the blemished category, if their manufacturer deemed them not fit to receive the first-grade rating. Brands have strict quality controls for their products and if a tire fails for any reason, no matter how minor, they will not be sold on the tire market. These tires cannot be sold as first-rate tires as a cosmetic imperfection has diminished their value. Manufacturers discard them as blemished tires and sell them at decreased prices. As blemished tires are not sold as first-rate tires, the manufacturers remove the tire’s DOT code. By doing this, they revoke any warranty they offer with the specific models. These tires only come with the 90 day warranty our company offers.

  • Quality control

    Tires which fail the manufacturers’ quality control due to cosmetic imperfections are sold as Blemished tires with lower prices.

  • Cosmetic imperfection

    Cosmetic issues are aesthetic in nature and they do not hinder the tire’s secure performing capability in any manner.

  • No manufacturer warranty

    The DOT code of blemished tires is removed by the manufacturer, as a result they do not come with the brand’s warranty.

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