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The Big O Legacy Tour Plus is a touring, all season tire made for passenger vehicles. This tire is made of a silica tread compound that is highly beneficial for all season use. It provides traction in wet conditions and reduces the heat generated when driving. On top of the compound, the tire is covered with micro sipes that increase traction in snow and wet roads.

The same sipes are essential for control, as they make the tire way more stable and enhance its maneuverability. Besides circumferential grooves, there are lateral ones as well that provide additional biting edges. All this enhanced grip leads to better cornering and fast steering responsiveness. Overall, the tiny sipes make driving safer and the tire significantly more controllable. This is true in some of the harshest weather conditions, as the rubber remains flexible in a wide range of temperatures.

This model is all about grip and traction, which makes it easy to maintain road contact. Since the five-rib tread footprint is flat, most of the vibrations won’t even reach the driver cabin. The tire absorbs the road noise generated while it is in motion and enhances driver comfort without sacrificing traction. This is especially true in rainy or snowy weather conditions, as the tiny sipes and lateral grooves ensure total control for the driver. This improved traction does not come with more noise or less controllability. This is what makes the Big O Legacy Tour Plus a well-designed all season tire.

  • All Season TireMicro siping, lateral grooves and reinforced silica compound for all-year traction and grip, especially in rain and snow.
  • Reliable HandlingImproved control with the micro sipes and lateral grooves that provide the tire with extra biting edges and stabilize it.
  • Comfortable DriveThe five-rib flat footprint is designed to stay uniform and quiet, absorbing most of the vibrations that would reach the cabin.

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