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The BFGoodrich Highway Control S is a highway terrain, all season tire manufactured for commercial vehicles. This model was made for the vehicle’s steer axle. Commercial tires are usually created with the long haul in mind and this one is no exception. This tire promotes a long tread life because of the flat tread footprint and 5-rib tread pattern. Irregular wear is also prevented with the micro sipes the ribs are covered with.

The reinforced sidewall of the tire plays a huge role in keeping the tire in its initial shape. The flat tread footprint and the round shape of the tire are both very important when it comes to rolling resistance. The tire is also made of a strong rubber compound that makes irregular wear and other deformations less likely to happen. With the combination of these features, the tire demands significantly less fuel in the long run.

The so-called serpentine flow-thru groove design is one of the main features, as hydroplaning resistance is essential for every all-season tire. The four grooves have a wavy pattern and their edges are full of sipes barely visible to the eye that help with water dispersion. There are also slightly bigger, lateral sipes that allow water flow either between two grooves or to the very edge of the tire. This flow-thru groove design is what does the hard work when it comes to water dispersion. Thanks to this design feat, the BFGoodrich Highway Control S can be used in a wide range of weather conditions with a peace of mind.

  • Long Tread LifeThe tire is ready for the long haul with its flat tread footprint and 5-rib tread pattern that prevents premature and irregular wear.
  • Fuel EfficiencyThe perfect round shape and the sturdy sidewall of the tire both contribute to its fuel effectiveness by minimizing rolling resistance.
  • All Season TractionHydroplaning resistance is the biggest design feature that contributes to traction, taking care of water dispersion in all seasons.

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