Yokohama AVID S33D Tires

The Yokohama AVID S33D is a touring, all season tire created for passenger vehicles. The model’s tread life is greatly extended, thanks to its tread design and tough rubber compound. The wear-resistant blend and the flat footprint guarantee slow and even treadwear. Since load and driving pressure is well-balanced across the tread elements, the tire is not prone to irregular wear formations.

The footprint is fully optimized for a comfortable driving experience. The large contact patch utilizes the tread elements to minimize road vibrations and noise generated throughout the drive. The detailed tread ensures that the level of noise reaching the driver’s cabin is significantly below average. The rubber blend absorbs most of the driving shock, while the footprint channels airwaves through. This results in little to no driving disturbances and better driving enjoyment.

The Yokohama AVID S33D is designed with maneuverability in mind. With the abundance of available biting edges, it maintains a firm grip with the asphalt, in all weather conditions. The large contact patch stabilizes the tire against the road surface, improving its controllability. This way, the driver has full control over the vehicle, being able to rely on fast and precise steering responses. The ability to seamlessly command the vehicle boosts the overall driving safety. The tire also promotes wide shoulder blocks that are also siped for better control during cornering. The rubber blend and the detailed footprint make sure that the tire constantly sticks to the asphalt.

  • Extended Tread LifeThe wide tread and the complex pattern evenly distribute load and driving pressure for slower wear, also preventing irregular wear formations.
  • Improved ManeuverabilityThe tread is fully optimized for maximum road contact, which improves its stability on the road and improves the vehicle’s maneuverability.
  • Enhanced Driving ComfortThe tire keeps constant contact with the asphalt and utilizes its detailed tread to minimize the road vibrations and noise generated during the drive.

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    Yokohama AVID S33D 195/65R15 89S AS A/S All Season Tire


    Yokohama AVID S33D

    195/65R15, 89S, SL
    • All SeasonAll Season
      • 11/32 Tread Depth 11/32 Tread Depth
    • Touring Type: Touring
    • Speed Rated Up to 112 mph Speed Rated Up to 112 mph
    • Load Range: SL Load Range: SL
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