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The Atlas Tire DRV-950 is a highway terrain, all season tire made for commercial trucks. This model is specially designed for the vehicle’s drive axle. It comes with a strengthened internal structure that holds the tire’s optimal shape throughout the drive. The reinforced construction enables it to carry and withstand heavy loads, demonstrating outstanding heavy-duty durability.

The tread design and the rubber compound are both optimized to lower the tire’s rolling resistance. This results in a fuel-conscious driving experience, as the tire is much easier to tow. Since the vehicle is not burning as much fuel, its CO2 emissions are also reduced significantly. The model is an environmentally friendly option among all commercial truck tires available on the market.

The Atlas Tire DRV-950 provides top performance in a wide range of weather conditions. The sturdy rubber materials and the detailed tread design both play a huge role in improving its all year performance. They ensure consistent traction in dry, wet, and winter weather conditions. The rubber blend is highly adaptive, guaranteeing constant traction in winter and summer temperatures. The tread comes with circumferential grooves that deal with hydroplaning. They eliminate water, slush, and snow from the footprint to maintain surface contact. Thanks to these features, the tire offers excellent year-round performance.

  • Upgraded HandlingThe tread is optimized to keep the road contact constant, enhancing the vehicle’s overall maneuverability and stability.
  • Fuel Efficient DriveThe tire is engineered to reduce the rolling resistance, minimizing fuel consumption and CO2 emissions throughout the drive.
  • Superb DurabilityThe reinforced internal structure improves the tire’s ability to resist deformations while carrying heavy loads on the long haul.

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