ATF 1351 Tires

The ATF 1351 is an all season tire made for tractors. The tire promotes excellent year-round traction thanks to the combination of superb tread elements and strong compound materials. The lug pattern and high void ratio improve the soft and loose field grip.

The tire promotes excellent traction on all kinds of field surfaces. The tread design utilizes its lug pattern and high void ratio to promote superb soft and loose field gripping capability. The ideal tread elements allow the tire to maintain a constant forward motion at all times. The tread elements maintain a clean footprint at all times, keeping constant road contact.

The ATF 1351 promotes excellent high flotation ability. The lug placement eases the pressure off the driving surface, preventing excessive traction from damaging the soil quality. The tire successfully avoids field retention, allowing it to provide a great field-friendly driving experience. The tire enhances controllability and stability as well. The ideal lug pattern and the high void ratio maintain a constant road contact, enhancing the overall steering response time and handling dynamics. In other words, the tire reacts faster to the driver’s commands, providing much better control over the vehicle.

  • TractionThe high void ratio and the lug placement enhance the soft, loose, and uneven terrain traction.
  • Field FriendlyThe soft traction and high flotation ability decrease the driving pressure, preventing soil retention.
  • HandlingThe tread’s lug pattern improves steering responsiveness and driving stability, enhancing maneuverability

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